Thoughts Before Today’s Buffalo Game 3/6/2021

A group of men in blue and white hockey uniforms.

The second game of the three game series against Western New York’s team this afternoon.

At least our friends in the UK can watch the game during tea time.

What are my thoughts.

  • Despite the fact that it is a team that is not in our level, treat this game like you are playing the Tampa Bay Lightning! Never loosen that foot off of the pedal. Have all four offensive lines play strong on the forecheck.
  • Buffalo is going to be an extremely desperate team (Hall, Eichel, Skinner, Okposo all having season reminiscent of journeyman holding onto dear life, as opposed to a combined $30+ million dollar salaried players. All the Isles will continue to do – is play the way they know. Stifle, Stifle, Stifle.
  • After the game the other night – a comment on the boards, is basically this: Put Wahlstrom on the first line NOW!
    • Let’s put this in simple terms……
    • That post was made by a complete IDIOT!
    • Wally is progressing nicely, and just like most things, you don’t rock the boat. The line with JG and MDC is progressing nicely. The more chemistry that comes from these three, it will actually take pressure off of the top 6 to produce.
    • Let’s give number 26 a little bit of a leash. Being on that line, it does not place a 20 year old against the top defenders on the opposing team. Let his confidence grow even more – before you increase the pressure
  • And everyone – stop going crazy about the lack of production of Ryan Pulock. His defensive play has been strong. He has been a streaky offensive player, and when we really need it – it happens.
  • Basically – I see no deficiencies with this team right now. The train has to be moving forward. No loosening the belts, and keep plugging onward.

I am looking forward to seeing this team play so well. Remember about five weeks ago when the boards were bitching about how they have to break this team down. Where are those voices today? Singing everyone’s praises. This makes me want to DRINK! Maybe I will sip some Woodford Reserve today rooting on another win.

A group of men in blue and white hockey uniforms.

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