Eastern Conference Preseason Rankings: By The Numbers

September 1, 2015

Welcome to September everyone! The month where, when you’re a hockey fan, you want to skip like Thanksgiving and move right into Christmas, or in this case the month of October. What September does give hockey fans are training camps and preseason games to watch as a teaser, a chance to start predicting where your favorite team will finish a the end of the season or determine how much blood…


Blog: Consistency Is Key To Improve Isles

July 23, 2015

After their first 100 point regular season in over 30 years and a nail biting, too many sticks breaking 7 game series with the Washington Capitals, New York Islanders fans were looking for a big offseason to improve the club to take that “next step.” First came the draft, which many are not to concerned with, but they should be. After covering the draft and looking at what went down,…


Talk From The 300 Section – THIS IS IT!

April 27, 2015

CLICK BELOW TO HEAR GARY’S PODCAST… Is it a Round 2 matchup with the Rangers coming this week, or will this be the end of the season? We all in Islander nation are thinking the former rather than the latter. WE DO BELIEVE!!!! Can not wait for 7:30.  Have to get through the day in the office first.  But be ready Orange and Blue country. And yes – the power…


From The 300 Section – Down But NOT OUT Yet!

April 24, 2015

CLICK BELOW TO HEAR GARY’S PODCAST… It is not over…. Nothing is over, until 4 games are won by the opposition.  And folks, that has NOT happened yet. Like Tug McGraw used to say…. YA GOTTA BELIEVE! If this does not inspire you – what will… Tomorrow is another day – the Isles still have a game to play, and the fans have another chance to give them some life….


From The 300 Section – CowBell Gate Epilogue

April 23, 2015

CLICK BELOW TO HEAR GARY’S PODCAST… Well – it is over now… This is what is displayed on the Nassau Coliseum Website: Prohibited Items Food and beverage, large oversized bags or backpacks, strollers, noisemakers of any kind, weapons or projectiles, video recorders, any camera deemed to be professional and laser pointers are not allowed in Nassau Coliseum. Please note that Security will search all bags and persons upon entry. So…


From The 300 Section – Broken Sticks and No Cowbells

April 22, 2015

CLICK BELOW TO HEAR GARY’S PODCAST… Needless to say, I am a little peeved today. I think the league should return the wood sticks back.  Not only are these composite sticks costing teams nearly 1 million dollars a season, but they break at the most inopportune moments (ask JT about that). But that is not the reason for my vitriol today.  Listen to this podcast (about 30 minutes), and let…


The Islanders Are All About Family

April 21, 2015

The title above is very true and absolute. When it comes to the New York Islanders fans and it’s players, hockey games at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum mean only one word, family. When you’re with family, the heart grows a little bigger. There was an unfortunate incident involving some Washington Capitals fans after game 3 and it’s a really bad reflection on the Isles fan base as a whole….


Talk From the 300 Section – An Almost Complete Effort

April 16, 2015

CLICK BELOW TO HEAR GARY’S PODCAST… As Mike Bossy so eloquently put it last night. One down, 15 to go….  A great effort by the Isles last night.  They accomplished what the needed already – get to even when they are home on Sunday. Now – a little practice and to be ready to face a DESPERATE Washington team on Friday, with the chance to go 2-0 for Sunday.  If…