Hockey from the Blind Side, There is Still Work to be Done

Despite horrific officiating, the Islanders find themselves in what many people would be a position they could never reach. All things being equal, the series should be 3-1 Islanders, but 2-2 is still an “advantage” for the Islanders. Now, the “real work” has to be done. The Isles must wing what is truly the biggest game of the series to this point. Coming back to the NVMC with a 3…

May 8, 2013

Hockey from the Blind Side, Have Faith Islander Fans

Let me start with the obligatory cautionary note. Winning one game does not win a series. This thing is Far from over. It is the Penguins, who probably have, at least, 3 future hall of famers on the roster. Last night’s 4-3 win for the New York Islanders over the Pittsburgh Penguins was a Big one. Make no mistakes. It evens up the series and now makes it a best…

May 4, 2013

Hockey From the Blind Side, Toughness is not the Question, but Will They Be Smart Enough?

I have often commented on the toughness of hockey players compared to the players of other sports. In fact, I have often gotten flack because of how merciless I can be on baseball players in conversations with friends when we talk about the sports. My favorite line is that you never see a hockey player missing two weeks of a season because of a hang nail …. Yesterday, I had…

September 11, 2012