Road Warriors Continue To Get It Done

March 27, 2014

  13-4-1.  They are a team of “road warrior” mentality. Just like the team that used to play in the Atlantic League (with the Long Island Ducks), that played every game as a road contest.  For whatever reason, the team plays a simpler game away from Uniondale, and they win. Simple as that. Tonight – the Isles take on a Tampa team that is playing themselves into the playoffs right…


What Happened With Vanek’s Trade

While I can understand the frustration of the passionate fans of the Islanders, it appears that what Garth Snow was saying for his reasons of receiving such a low offer may have been justified. Let’s face it, the timing was horrible. The team was out of the playoffs, they loose their captain and star player in John Tavares for the rest of the season and because of what the Islanders gave up…

March 6, 2014

What will be the recipe for the turnaround…

I actually succumbed to the thoughts of bringing Ryan Strome up.  All along, I kept saying to myself, Leave him there.  Let him develop fully.  Give him the chance to be the ‘stud’ and then next season, release the beast! However, I really thought that the Isles would not pull another “NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER”, as the Lexus advert would say, but things would turn from OK, to pathetic in the…

December 17, 2013

Nabby on the mark

Did not ‘see’ the game, due to a makeup night of bowling.  But a web enabled smart phone has become one of the best gadgets in the world. Evgeni Nabokov rolled three sixes, stopping 18 Tampa shots, as the Islanders win 2-0 last night.  John Tavares notched his 17th goal on the season, and Brad Boyes added an empty netter to seal the deal.

March 15, 2013