Sound Tigers vs. Whale: Mr. Smith Goes to Bridgeport

FINAL THOUGHTS:  Well, keeping up with the updates on this thread from yesterday’s Sound Tigers comeback win over the Whale as my kids grew increasingly fidgety became impossible.  It was more of an experiment than anything.  I do want to mention that the team looks exceptionally ready to compete for a top playoff spot this year in the AHL.  As tempted as I am to wish for Nieddereiter, Nelson, Cizikas,…

November 11, 2012

Tavares Swiss Debut and Sound Tigers Miscellany

October 6, 2012

John Tavares got his Swiss career going yesterday for SC Bern.  Long story short, he was held off the scoresheet.  Game recap here.  Not sure if the translate feature works with the link that I included, but I’m sure your browser can handle it.  Those Bern uni’s are somethin’ huh?  Advertise much?  Sweet logo though with the bear and all. Anyone else getting ‘scatter brain’ trying to track all the…