Blog: Ranking The Best Islanders Backup Goaltenders

June 2, 2016

Since I started blogging about the New York Islanders back in 2008, I always write at least one article a year stressing the importance of the backup goaltender for this organization. Around that same time I also began writing about the draft and covering it since the Islanders went into the rebuild and that I knew that it would another element for myself and prolong my writing about the Islanders…


Sunday Times 9.7.2014

September 7, 2014

As the weeks go by and October gets closer, Isles Talk will be doing team previews to get New York Islanders fans prepped up for their final season at Nassau Coliseum. Also towards the end of September, Isles Talk will also have some predictions for this upcoming season. It’s a little cooler out and that’s okay. The Sporting News examines why owners who stay away from day-to-day operations are more…


DP is Available

I can bet my last dollar, that someone in Islander country is saying the following: Can we get DP back? Well – here is your chance, Garth Snow… According to a report in Newsday, through the Charlotte Checkers web site, the former Islander netminder was released from his PTO Contract today. DiPietro, 32, was winless in four starts with a 5.18 goals-against average. In five games, he allowed 19 goals…

November 26, 2013

Hockey from the Blind Side, Lots of Activity, but Is There Serious Improvements?

It was just my luck that I was away on business/vacation throughout the “free agent frenzy”. I really wasn’t able to keep track of too much that was going on, and I am only now starting to catch up. Was I surprised by what the Isles have done? Well, when you get right down to it, no. I guess I really didn’t expect too much to occur that would truly…

July 9, 2013

Day 1 – Post Ricky

The question that I have been asking myself…. Should I draft an eulogy? Nah – he’s not dead. (Well – to many – he may as well be…) Well – we can say, thanks? Many may not think he did much…  Again – in the eyes of the beholder. But from the times that I have seen him in the locker room, and in other places around Islander land – I…

July 3, 2013

DP Shuts Out the Devils! Well – not Those Devils

No – he did not get the best out of the “Moose” or Mr. Brodeur. Keith Kinkaid, who came up for a cup of coffee with the big club earlier in the season was the opposing netminder.  And to be honest, he (Kinkaid) was outstanding, despite giving up two goals.  He made 41 stops, as opposed to Rick DiPietro’s 33.  He also was facing barrages from the home club. However,…

March 18, 2013

Passing The Torch

Picture this in your head. You know when you witness a goalie change in the middle of the game? The game seems out of reach, coach makes a decision, and when the change is made the team feels like it could be the beginning of a fresh start, a chance to come back. The backup skates over to the crease while the starter heads for the bench, each of them…

February 23, 2013