With The 5th Overall Pick, Isles Select…..

June 27, 2014

Michael Dal Colle!!! According to Islanders General Manager Garth Snow via Art Staple, he does not intend on trading up in the draft so the top three of Ekblad, Reinhart, Bennet will not be falling into their laps. Draisaitl has moved up in my final rankings because it really does depend on the Calgary Flames. I know they really want Bennet, but I’m not sure who their second choice would be if Bennet…


What did Garth Do.

Yesterday was the trade deadline and many Islander fans make it sound like it was October 25 1991 (Lafontaine for Turgeon) or April 25 1995 (the franchise ruining trade that this franchise hasn’t recovered from yet Turgeon for Muller) or even June 21 1999 ( Palffy for Ollie Joikinen) it gets worse ahh THE ONE June 24 2000 (Luongo for Oleg Kavasha) and according to delusional modern-day Isles fans October 27 2013…

March 6, 2014

Trilogy Part 2: More Like ’75 Not ’93

Garth Snow had a plan to rebuild the New York Islanders organization. The method was simple, build through the draft and sprinkle in a few free agents. Fans approved of it because they knew it was time for one after the 2008 season. Five years later, after drafting well and getting a few steals along the way, the New York Islanders are back in the playoffs against the Pittsburgh Penguins….

May 1, 2013

Will History Be Made?

Throughout the Islanders history whenever there was a new face to the franchise, magic or memories always occurred when it was their first year in the playoffs with the team. Unfortunately, the Islanders have not had many faces to remember, especially in recent years. But when a face of the franchise does appear and he gives the Islanders a sense of relevancy, something special usually occurs in their first year…

April 23, 2013