Hockey from the Blind Side, Don’t Let Up on the Gas Peddle

Five more to go. Unfortunately, the last five for the New York Islanders are on the road, yet, at the same time, the Isles have done quite well away from home. The bottom line, though, is Keep Winning! It is a feeling that I cannot quite describe to be on the inside looking out for a change. The Islanders really do have their destiny in their own hands. Win tonight…

April 18, 2013

Another BIG Road Win! Isles to 6th – Nothing is Gonna Stop Them Now!

This win brings to mind a song by Jefferson Starship.  Figured I would link it here, and let it be a momentum maker. Not many thought that the Isles would get the two points out of this game tonight.  But once again, the road warriors did the typical great job away from home. Josh Bailey has been climbing a lot of rungs on his career ladder in this shortened season. …

April 11, 2013

Hockey From the Blind Side, Isles Beat Flyers, Win Another Big Game!

Amazing …. that is one of a few words that come to mind. Not three weeks ago, it seemed that the New York Islanders were going to sputter out and fall short of the playoffs again. Yes, it really did look like we, the fans, were going to be in for yet another disappointing playoff picture without our Islanders. However, here we are with 8 games to go and a…

April 10, 2013

Lots of Good Vibrations

Trying to finish my taxes, listening to my great friend Jiggs call the game, and the good vibes are flowing like a great Beach Boys song. The second line of Bailey, Neilson and Okposo have been nothing short of spectacular.  The blind pass from Frans to Josh was simply brilliant. Nabby was his usual self, and didn’t you just love his conversation with Stan Fischler?  Remember, how we did not like…

April 2, 2013

Road Warriors

For those of you that follow baseball, especially in the Tri-State Area, there has been a team in the Atlantic League called the Road Warriors.  Very simply, every game they play, is a road game.  They have no home, spend their entire summer in hotels, and play the game they love. Anyone considering putting Road Warrior uniforms on our hockey club?

March 27, 2013

Hockey from the Blind Side, Hearing is Believing

Let me begin by stating that I am extremely happy that we will be salvaging part of the season and that both hockey and the New York Islanders are back. I was going through hockey withdrawals and was NOT a happy camper as the canceled weeks of the season kept being announced. I love the game, I love the Isles and I am relieved beyond words that we will, at…

January 13, 2013