Overall Solid Effort as Isles Shut Out Sabres

Evgeni Nabokov recorded his 53rd shutout, and John Tavares scored his NHL lead-tying 12th goal of the season, and the Islanders have rebounded from a miserable beginning of the week, with a 4-0 trouncing of the Buffalo Sabres. The Isles have now won their sixth game on the road this season, and with the Mark Streit goal midway through the second period, laid a smack down on the home side. …

February 23, 2013

Hockey from the Blind Side, Domination, but Disappointment

Last night’s game against the Buffalo Sabres was one of those games that leaves you muttering to yourself and most likely had many a fan cursing under their breaths. If one caught various parts of the game and simply looked at most of the stats, one would have been led to believe that the New York Islanders blew out their opponents. On top of that, with the Islander debut of…

February 10, 2013

Hockey from the Blind Side, So Far, So Good

Timing is everything. For me, I have not been able to enjoy the early season success of the New York Islanders as much as I wish I could. It seems that with every game, I have other obligations or have other things going on that makes it difficult to be able to catch every period of hockey. Shamefully, I have caught more hockey via the NHL GameCenter subscription so far…

February 2, 2013

Boyes the Hero as Isles in First Place

For a die-hard Islander fan, the last two words in the title of the article have not be a much used phrase in our vocabulary. But it has a nice distinctive ring, don’t you think? Three power play goals, including a Brad Boyes marker, two minutes into overtime, gave the Islanders (4-2-1) a 5-4 victory over the New Jersey Devils, and have not gained a share of first place in…

February 1, 2013

60 Minute Men Spank Pens

In 1951, the Dominos came out with the song, “Sixty Minute Man”.  It was a major hit on the Pop Charts at the time.  Who would have known that this song, would have made such an impact on the New York Islanders last night. In fact, every player on that ice wearing white was playing the part to a “T”; as the Isles played a solid of a game as…

January 30, 2013

Hockey from the Blind Side, Hockey is Back and the Isles Get their First Win!

Let me get this out of the way first. It’s simply GREAT to have hockey back! I will make no doubts about that. To be able to put on hockey games on my Apple TV or my computer brings me a great deal of pleasure. On top of that, I was able to get out to the old barn to catch the Isles in action. I haven’t gotten a chance…

January 22, 2013

JT – Going on a Swiss Holiday

Well – at least he knows someone there. John Tavares, according to reports from AP, has signed with the same Swiss club in Bern, that Islanders Captain Mark Streit plays for. The number one draft pick in 2009, and first time All-Star last season, is now among almost 100 players that are now in action in leagues all over the European continent. Tavares is now the fourth Islander to be…

September 28, 2012