Blog: 10 Thoughts Before The Puck Drops

September 10, 2016

On behalf of myself, Gary, and John we’d like to welcome you back to another season of NHL hockey, and of course the New York Islanders. We hope that you have enjoyed your summer and hope that you are looking forward to another exciting season as much as we are. I know the regular season does not start for another month and training camp is even closer, but I wanted…


Hockey From the Blind Side – Who is John Panarese

December 30, 2014

People have seen his articles over the past few years on Eyes on Isles, and here on Isles Talk.  They have heard his voice on WGBB radio… But who is John Panarese?  I have actually had people ask me, is he REALLY blind? The answer is YES, but believe me – when I tell you – read his articles and listen to him talk about the team he loves so…


Gary & John Chat With Snow Tonight

Tonight, Gary Harding and John Panarese will host New York Islanders General Manager Garth Snow and will be taking your questions at 9:00pm. To hear the interview, just click on the link here.   If you would like to Tweet Gary questions his twitter handle is @IslesSection317 (He looks like he just returned from an “Animal House” frat party) and make sure you use the hashtag #AskGarth. If you’re on the road, you can listen…

May 4, 2014

Hockey from the Blind Side, If I Could Play in the NHL for a Day

All right. So the idea seems completely silly and ridiculous. … Me playing in the NHL for a day …. However, after a joking exchange between Gary and I on our way to the game on Monday and then a telephone conversation I had with a friend, I could myself deciding to actually give you something silly and non-serious to read. Usually, as I’m sure our readers know, I tend…

January 8, 2014

Hockey from the Blind Side, Stealing 2 Points out of Pittsburgh

There have been times in which the New York Islanders have outplayed opponents heavily, yet have lost games late because of a mistake or two. There have been other times in which the Isles would have simply lost a game like last night and that would have been that. This is, in many ways, a Different Islander team though. Although they were badly outshot 42-25 and often outplayed, they hung…

October 26, 2013

Hockey from the Blind Side, 3 Points Out of 4 at Home So Far

If there was a part of the game of the New York Islanders from last season that needed to be “fixed”, it was their home record. The Isles were a much better road team and honestly looked different when they played at home. As my colleague, Paul, indicated, they did get better later in the season, but the bottom line is home is where the points should be collected. So,…

October 18, 2013