Hockey from the Blind Side, Evaluating After the Smoke Has Cleared

Are the Isles done with off season moves yet? I guess that is now the question that still is being bandied about in parts of Islander Country. Paul addressed this topic in a recent post, and I fall into his camp as far as believing that the Islanders could be very well set for what they have for next season, yet, at the same time, there are assets that can…

July 12, 2014

The Bridge Report: You Got You’re Wish

July 5, 2014

Not only has this been a wild free agency for the fans of the New York Islanders, the same could be said for the fans of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. If there’s one thing I do know about the fans in Bridgeport, it’s that they want to see the players that were drafted stay beyond their first year in Bridgeport before they get called up. It’s nice to see them…