Blog: 2017-18 New York Islanders Season Preview

September 12, 2017

This is not going to be the usual Islanders prediction preview where I spill the addition and subtraction of players and take a guess as to where the Islanders will land either in the Metro division or the Eastern Conference. Despite how I had warned you in the beginning of August about the drama-filled articles and the lower expectations from basically every hockey media and Vegas betting outlet, I will…


Blog: Two Questions To Be Answered

July 12, 2017

Since the NHL expansion draft, the New York Islanders have made some moves over the last few weeks to slightly show many fans that the time to go further than just the first round is now and that the salary cap is a key factor heading into this season. There were some moves that I was expecting and then their were some surprises. So since we’re now into the middle…


Path To The Draft 2017: Islanders Professional Prospects

June 7, 2017

In this next segment of the Path To The Draft, we’ll be going over five players who have a distinct theme this coming year. A few years back many Islanders fans were wondering who was going to replace Brian Strait as the 7th defenseman. My response was always Scott Mayfield. It was an easy replacement, so this next group of professionals (players too old for juniors, but not yet ready…


Isles Talk Season in Review: A Year Of Transistion

April 11, 2017

Every franchise goes through a transitional period. Some start as a rebuilding team and after a few years, they begin to improve and reach another stage in the organizations development, such as just making it to the playoffs on a regular basis. Then another period occurs when the team makes the playoffs more often or wins the division or finally gets to another round. There’s another transitional period when as…


Blog: Crawford Should Be Next Coach Of The Islanders

January 18, 2017

With the recent firing of former New York Islanders head coach, Jack Capuano, all eyes will be on the current coach and assistant general manager, Doug Weight to see if the Islanders can show any kind of glimpses of the previous two seasons. Whether or not he can right the ship, a coaching change for the long-term is needed for this organization. The Islanders have an opportunity to become more…


Blog: When Will Ryan Strome Sign?

September 16, 2016

With the New York Islanders training camp approaching, the biggest cause for concern is unsigned, restricted free agent center Ryan Strome. There has been a team policy in place for over a decade that if restricted free agent players are not signed by the start of training camp, they will not be playing the season for the Islanders. This has happened to three notable players: Brad Isbister, Zdeno Chara, and…


WGBB Chats With Islanders Assistant GM Doug Weight

September 12, 2016

From SportsTalk1240: Hosts Gary Harding and John Sweeney welcome New York Islanders Assistant Coach and General Manager Doug Weight to the program, followed by longtime Islanders announcer Jiggs McDonald. My Take: First off, Gary got a black jersey. If it wasn’t for him, I would not be writing on Isles Talk or in AHL press boxes and having quick chats with Garth, so I do owe him. Having said that, he’ll…


Talk From the 300 Section – Time to Put Up And Stop the Useless Talk

April 8, 2015

CLICK BELOW TO HEAR GARY’S PODCAST… The following podcast, I need to state, that I am speaking as Gary the fan  – not Gary the blogger, or Radio Talk Show Host.  This is my feelings and my frustrations about last night – the last few weeks, and the decisions that got this team where they are right now. I am not a happy person, and to be frank, you in…


Gary’s Audio Blog – Getting a Little Concerned

February 4, 2015

CLICK BELOW TO HEAR GARY’S PODCAST… Well – I am not going to jump off the ledge, but after THIS three game losing skid, I am beginning to get a little bit concerned. This was a total lackluster effort.  Despite what Cappy said in the presser following the game, I feel that this was not a well played game by this team.  Distractions, sloppy passing, little effort shown. Now I…


November: Misery Loves Company?

November 3, 2014

#457719576 / November….It’s the month that every Islanders fan dreads. It’s the month some proclaim to Just End The Season, to go along with their other favorite New York sports football team around the same time. It’s supposed to be a time of giving thanks and appreciate what people have. Not for this fan base. Instead of roasting a turkey, it’s that time of year where roasting their coach…