Hockey From the Blind Side, Toughness is not the Question, but Will They Be Smart Enough?

I have often commented on the toughness of hockey players compared to the players of other sports. In fact, I have often gotten flack because of how merciless I can be on baseball players in conversations with friends when we talk about the sports. My favorite line is that you never see a hockey player missing two weeks of a season because of a hang nail …. Yesterday, I had…


On this day….

As we all remember, it was a beautifull sunny day like this one.  A day that started out being an average Tuesday in my office.  Just something you characterize as a typical day. Then a phone call. A little after 9, the phone rang in my office.  When I looked at the screen to see the number, I noticed the international code 01144.  Great Britain.  I realized it was my…


One week to go…..

And there is nothing to be seen on Newsday, and nothing just about in any web site on the potential lockout that is now just a week away. A good number of the players are already here practicing at Ice Works in the hope that the Islanders will still have a camp on the 21st. “We’re still getting ready for training camp,” Islanders forward Michael Grabner said to New York….