Hockey from the Blind Side, Blind Observations About the Draft

Well, it’s here and gone. With all of the build up, the 2014 NHL draft ended yesterday. What was a surprise to me was the lack of any real surprises. I was expected a lot more trade activity, and that included the Islanders. And I’m not talking about swapping draft selections either. There were few trades at all, and Florida, as I suspected, held on to their first round pick….

June 29, 2014

Sports Talk 1240 On the Air tonight – HockeyTheme

June 22, 2014

Yes, I am still here.  Been spending the bulk of my time, looking for a job.  But I am still watching over the site, and have a chance to give some opinions. Yes, I was THRILLED that the Kings won the cup last week.  My wife has been playfully tortured by our Ranger fan friends because the Blueshirts captured the Cup on her birthday (June 14th).  This season, the Kings…


Hockey from the Blind Side, Dan Boyle and Other Catching Up

I am, as usual, catching up here. I wanted to take a few moments to comment on the radio show Gary and I did for Sports Radio New York last Sunday. The focus, as I believe Gary had indicated, was actually on the New York Rangers, instead of our usual focus of the Isles. It is, though, supposed to be a show about all New York sports, so we have…

June 8, 2014

Sports Talk 1240 tonight – Sorry – but a Ranger theme

June 1, 2014

John and I hit the airwaves again on SPORTSTALK 1240.  Sorry Islander fans, but it is not solely an Islander show.  We have to talk about what is hot in New York Sports. So tonight – we are going to talk about the Rangers. Derek Wasiak – the host of the THE NEW YORK SPORTS EXCHANGE – and a passionate Rangers fan – will join us in the Studio to…


Hockey from the Blind Side, Blind Observations on Our Evening Chatting With Garth

I finally have the chance to write some thoughts about the last show Gary and I did for on Sunday in which Garth Snow kindly spent 45 or so minutes chatting with us and answering a variety of questions. Once again, I was flattered and humbled that Mr. Snow chose to take time out of his schedule to allow us to ask him questions and give us his thoughts…

May 6, 2014

Gary & John Chat With Snow Tonight

Tonight, Gary Harding and John Panarese will host New York Islanders General Manager Garth Snow and will be taking your questions at 9:00pm. To hear the interview, just click on the link here.   If you would like to Tweet Gary questions his twitter handle is @IslesSection317 (He looks like he just returned from an “Animal House” frat party) and make sure you use the hashtag #AskGarth. If you’re on the road, you can listen…

May 4, 2014

Hockey from the Blind Side, The Playoffs, Halak is in the House, and Other Observations

It has been a while. My apologies to my fellow Isles Talk writers and our readers. A cruise at the beginning of April, a business trip last week and just generally being busy has monopolized my time. Unfortunately, about four or five posts died in draft heaven since the beginning of the month as I just wasn’t able to complete my thoughts or write anything worth posting. So, let me…

May 2, 2014

Hockey from the Blind Side, Comments on the Last Few Radio Shows

Time has often been the problem for me of late as far as preventing me from posting a lot more frequently and consistently than I have been able to do. Life just happens sometimes. My schedule can be so strange that I just don’t have much open time to sit down and write a good post or I try to put something together, but it dies in the Drafts folder…

March 10, 2014

On The Next Episode of SPORTSTALK 1240

March 7, 2014

We will be having two guests.  One to talk hockey; the other some Yankee baseball. First on the hockey front, we will have DAN PETRIW, Islander writer for HOCKEYBUZZ.  We will discuss that wonderful day on Wednesday, and what lies ahead for the Orange and Blue for the last few weeks of this forgettable season. If you have NOT checked Dan’s writing out – please do.  He has some great,…