Isles Talk 2017-18 Eastern Conference Predeictions

September 27, 2017

So we’re just about two weeks away from the start of the regular season and it’s time for my predictions segment. Now unlike many, I love doing predictions. It gives me a chance to really look into researching other teams (It’s also part of my regular job) and I pride/curse at myself on how that research comes to fruition/destruction. As always I will break down each conference into four categories:…


Blog: 2017-18 New York Islanders Season Preview

September 12, 2017

This is not going to be the usual Islanders prediction preview where I spill the addition and subtraction of players and take a guess as to where the Islanders will land either in the Metro division or the Eastern Conference. Despite how I had warned you in the beginning of August about the drama-filled articles and the lower expectations from basically every hockey media and Vegas betting outlet, I will…


Isles Talk Eastern Conference Predictions 2016-17

October 12, 2016

It’s that time again where I try to take some pride in making my Eastern Conference predictions and finding out in 6 months whether I know what I’m writing about. Again, it is my opinion and not of the entire staff here at Isles Talk. I have my usual criteria where I place each team into four different categories: 6 Core teams, 4 bubble teams, 3 sophomore teams and 3…


Hockey from the Blind Side, Back on the Grid for Another Season

It has been a long time, I know. Unfortunately, the summer brought a lot of business related distractions and some travel as well. I have not had much time to write anything, and barely enough time to keep track of what has been going on in the sport’s world. Nevertheless, with the preseason under way and being back from a vacation, I have had time to catch up and get…

September 27, 2015

Kevin Poulin Days Before Opening Night

August 10, 2014

Sunday Times: 8.10.14 Does Garth Snow’s Offseason Improvements Put Capuano On The Hot Seat? Isles Blog Dan Petriw answers your questions in Isles Mailbag. HockeyBuzz New York Islanders eye playoffs after skillful additions. Helene St. James Could the Isles be a top 5 team? Eyes On Isles Summer Cold: Even more disappointments in Islanders history Light House Hockey Top 10 NHL teams that improved the most this offseason (Hint: Look at…


Hockey from the Blind Side, Thoughts and Observations for the Coming Season, the Defense

Continuing on with my “thoughts and observations” about factors that might impact the level of success the New York Islanders will have this season, I will now turn to the defense. I wrote about the need to find a right winger to play with JT and Moulson, and I spent some time on the subject of secondary scoring in my previous post. It’s now time to talk about the back…

October 2, 2013

2013-2014 Islanders Season Preview, The Goaltending Factor

Our season preview for the New York Islanders continues with a look at the goaltending. A team can live and die by it’s goaltending or lack there of. Goaltending can steal a game that a team has no business being in, or it can blow a game that a team should easily have won. Anyone who follows hockey understands the importance of the man between the pipes. He can be…

August 31, 2013