Will History Be Made?

Throughout the Islanders history whenever there was a new face to the franchise, magic or memories always occurred when it was their first year in the playoffs with the team. Unfortunately, the Islanders have not had many faces to remember, especially in recent years. But when a face of the franchise does appear and he gives the Islanders a sense of relevancy, something special usually occurs in their first year…

April 23, 2013

Playoffs Begin Now For Isles

It’s starting to feel like 2007 all over again, only this time there’s no Ryan Smyth trade to talk about. The Islanders are now in a position where the playoffs look reachable and we can thank the Devils once again for there generous inability to win with games in hand. Many fans believed every game for the last 5 games were all playoff games and that that every point was…

April 9, 2013

Isles Keep Chemistry

So the trade deadline has come and gone and the Islanders have decided to stand pat and not make any major trades. They were buyers, signing prospect Anders Lee to a deal and he has already paid dividends by scoring his first goal, on his first shot, against the Winnipeg Jets last night in a 5-2 victory. I’m sure today though that Mark Streit, the Islanders captain was the focus…

April 3, 2013

Missed Opportunity

As good as Pittsburgh has been this month (undefeated), the Islanders had a golden opportunity to at least get one point, possibly two from the East leading Penguins this afternoon. The result: Pittsburgh out muscled, out worked and thanks to a no-show powerplay unit from the Islanders in the third period, Pittsburgh continues it’s amazing streak by winning it’s 15th game and 3rd shut out in a row beating the…

March 30, 2013

Mid Season Assessment

Now that the Isles have played in 24 games this year, it’s time for a mid season assessment. Before I continue, I don’t do grades for a mid season. In the end you either passed (playoffs) or failed (no playoffs). The point of this mid season assessment is to see where the Isles have come from the previous season and what is needed for a passing grade. Let’s begin.

March 8, 2013

Passing The Torch

Picture this in your head. You know when you witness a goalie change in the middle of the game? The game seems out of reach, coach makes a decision, and when the change is made the team feels like it could be the beginning of a fresh start, a chance to come back. The backup skates over to the crease while the starter heads for the bench, each of them…

February 23, 2013

Islanders 2013 Preview: Only The Players Know

As we begin this long awaited 2013 season tomorrow night against the New Jersey Devils, it’s that time of year where everyone from the fans who just like to blog (that would be me) to every media center related to hockey begin/began their bold predictions for this year, where teams end up in the standings to convince the fans whether or not to buy tickets to their favorite team after…

January 18, 2013