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Isles Talk is Going to WGBB1240AM starting on August 18th

Isles Talk is Going to WGBB1240AM starting on August 18th

As George Jefferson would say, “We’re Moving On Up!”

Myself, along with John Panarese will become a part of the Sports Radio New York team.  Sunday nights from 8PM – 10PM, WGBB AM, produces two one hour shows, devoted to the New York Sports Scene.  There are some guys that are fixtures on the lineup, but in the past few weeks, some of the regular hosts have moved on to bigger and better things.

Rob Kowal, the founder of Sports Radio New York, who I have been friends with for a while, asked if anyone was interested in coming on board.  As you may or may not know, I have done a show on Blog Talk Radio a while back, called the New York Hockey Report.  On that show, I was the brunt of jokes from two Ranger fans, but still had some fun.  I had done Rob’s New York Hockey Talk show, and really enjoyed myself.  We talked last night, and I have a slot on theSports Radio NY lineup, hosting the SPORTSTALK1240 program one to two times a month on AM1240-WGBB.

The first show will be on August 18th, at 9PM.  I immediately asked John Panarese, my well-respected colleague to join me in the show, and hopefully, he will be able to do so.

The show will feature a great deal about hockey.  But to be fair, we will do a local flavor, so talking about all three teams will be part of the dialogue.  Again – as we tried to do on the Blog Talk Radio format, I will show respect when needed, and bash when needed to be bashed.  Whether it is your team, or someone elses, we will represent New York on the show.

Also – with my covering the Long Island Ducks for Atlantic League Independent , I hope to add the Ducks to the stable.  I am hoping to get some interviews from the Ducks for the show as well.  Since we will be on the air when the Ducks are playing and then heading for a road trip when the game concludes, the interviews will be done beforehand.  But I hope to get a player or two, plus maybe the manager, Kevin Baez on.

The show can be found on AM1240 WGBB– whose studio is located in West Babylon. (Their tower is still located in Freeport)  The signal is small, but available in Nassau and Suffolk counties.  However, you can go to  WGBB  website, or the Sports Radio New York web site, and listen live there.  There also is a live web cam in the studio, so you can see our ‘faces that are made for radio’.  In addition, the shows are podcasted, so you can catch up with them at a later time, or subscribe.  They usually are available the next day.

I am hoping to get a good Islander name as my first guest (stay tuned for details).

Hope that you can join us on our maiden voyage on Sports Radio New York.  See you on the radio.


Gary Harding

Gary Harding is the Lead Writer of Isles Talk. A former President of the Islanders Booster Club, and a season ticket holder for over 24 years, Gary qualifies as a ‘long suffering’ Islander fan. He, and his wife, Claire, sit in row A of Section 317, and attend just about every game possible, as well as a few road games in the year, too. He has been a member of the“Islanders Blog Box” since 2008; a project that allows bloggers like him, to be able to obtain media credentials to Islander home games, and get the perspective of reporting a game, just as if he is a full blown member of the media. Starting in August of 2013, John Panarese and Gary are talk show hosts on SPORTS TALK 1240 - a Part of the Sports Radio New York group on WGBB AM-1240. John and Gary are on at least once a month - talking about New York Sports (with a little Islander influence). Gary, born and raised in Levittown, on Long Island, and worked for a major car rental company for almost 26 years, and now is a Process Improvement Analyst for Icon Central Laboratories. He has been married to Claire for 7 years. They met on a bus trip to see the Islanders play in Montreal. Gary also is a fan of the New York Mets, Long Island Ducks, New York Jets, Everton of the English Premier League, and is a big fan of the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Gary is also an accomplished bowler, having achieved perfection on May 4th, 1994, by bowling a perfect 300 game. His highest league average ever was 219, and highest series was 798. Gary also just had weight loss surgery in May of 2013. In the four months following surgery, he has lost nearly 80 pounds, and feels great. For further information on bariatric surgery options, check out Long Island Obesity Surgery. Favorite Isles Moment – Everyone says the cups. They were great. However, I was not a season ticket holder, or going to the games, so my favorite, was the 1993 march to the semi’s – beating Washington and Pittsburgh – the best was seeing Darius Kasparitis punching Lemieux like a rented Mule! Funny how a few years later, they were teammates. Of course, Montreal had NINE guys on the ice when they scored in Overtime in Game 3 of the Semi-Finals. Favorite All time Isles player – Tie – Bossy and Trottier on Offense, and Glenn Healy at the net. (Remember Pens fans, Trottier TAUGHT Mario how to WIN!) Favorite Current Isles player – Okposo and JT – of course – with a close third to Michael Grabner; and with every day appreciating the play of Andrew MacDonald and Travis Hamonic. This year, I am on the Matt Donovan bandwagon. (If I dont - his mother may hit go after me with a Skeet Gun!! LOL!) Favorite NHL City – Not Long Island – Vancouver with a close second to Ottawa – followed by Montreal (spot a pattern here?) Favorite player – not an Islander I like watching Ovie! – He is animated, funny and makes his mark. Also enjoy watching the Sedin twins play. Also - with his last name being the same as mine - Josh Harding of the Wild. Team I hate the most (what do you think?) Gary currently resides in Halesite, Long Island. His e-mail address is


  1. Scott August 7, 2013 at 11:21 pm


    There is something I was hoping to hear your thoughts on… I started as an Islander fan when I moved to the Island in ’96… and now even after leaving (sadly) Long Island, I am still a diehard fan. However, something has been disturbing me for the last few seasons (back to Peca\Yashin acquisition).

    There seems to be a pattern… start with a big presence.. I mean much of the time they look like the Wings of their big years. Fast… smart.. determined.. an absolute joy to watch. Then… something happens. At approximately the same periods each year they regress… massively. They look like a pick-up team (admittedly with some star highlights) that doesn’t care much to even be on the ice. Then… something else happens. And they look fantastic again.. then something else happens and they don’t.

    This is not one or two off games, which is perfectly understandable. This is a complete on/off switch that lasts for weeks. This is going from “looking like art on ice” to looking like a “monkey F$@#( a football. No drive.. “not worth skating for that puck”… “hey… Johnny T looks like he wants to skate… lets let him do it.. I’m full from that hot dog during the break”

    How do they go from cup contender for a few weeks to bottom feeder for the next without any reason (I understand when there are key injuries, which have been an issue, but I’m talking about when there hasn’t been).

    Thank you!

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