Calling Islander Country

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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!
Audrey Hepburn 

Let's Get it on!

Let’s Get it on!

Can you remember game 6 in 2002 against the Toronto Maple Leafs?  Do you remember when Shayne Corson was totally undressed by Eric Cairns, and how the crowd just exploded and shook the barn to its core?

Well the 16,000+ that invade Uniondale tomorrow need to do just exactly that.

The game on Friday night gave the faithful a reason to be crazy excited tomorrow.  That needs to be continued.  Islander hockey from late March and April needs to be continued in May.

Many in Western PA just thought after game 1, that we would be just a brush off on their way to Cup success.  However, they fail to realize that to the end of the regular season, there was a team that was just as hot, if not hotter than their beloved Penguins.

And we all know who THAT is….

BeLIeve you can and you’re halfway there.
Theodore Roosevelt 

Well, Roosevelt did not put the spelling of BeLIeve that way, but it is rather fitting, isn’t it?

The Islanders need to in a sense treat Game 3 just like Game 2.  With the exception of having the last line change, they need to keep the game simple, the shifts short, and seize the moments.

Penguins-Islanders Preview

The Shot the Shocked Pittsburgh

We all know how the team improved after the Okposo fight, and we hope that they do not need to have another moment like that to fire the team up.  But the overall play of the team was absolutely OUTSTANDING post fight.

Where was Sidney Crosby in periods 2 and 3?  He was a non-factor; which is a testament to the defensive play of the Isles.  Deny them their time and space in the offensive zone; keeping them to the outside, and deny them the opportunity to get scoring chances in front of Nabokov.

It was great to see the Matt Martin’s and Colim McDonald’s getting points, and showing that there is life besides the front line.

After the Isles got on the board, Nabby became the Nabby that we know and love.  The Professor stood his ground, committed to his angles, and challenged anyone that came into his kitchen.

Sometimes thinking too much can destroy your momentum.
Tom Watson

Now this is a problem that I seem to see from this Islander team.  The guys played a great game in periods 2 and 3, but need to keep it going tomorrow afternoon.  However, I know from my experience as a bowler, that at times, you begin to think a little more when things go well.  I have to remind myself:

When you think, you’re dead!
Gary Harding

So boys, just go out there and play the game that got you in the playoffs, and don’t overthink it.  Simple and steady will give you a 2-1 series lead.

You got thousands of friends in the seats that WANT to see you do it.  Just get out there, and make the ISLAND proud.  We beLIeve!

Calling Islander Country – Be Loud, be Proud, and let’s show the mighty Penguins that we are NOT fearful of them!


Gary Harding

Gary Harding is the Lead Writer of Isles Talk. A former President of the Islanders Booster Club, and a season ticket holder for over 24 years, Gary qualifies as a ‘long suffering’ Islander fan. He, and his wife, Claire, sit in row A of Section 317, and attend just about every game possible, as well as a few road games in the year, too. He has been a member of the“Islanders Blog Box” since 2008; a project that allows bloggers like him, to be able to obtain media credentials to Islander home games, and get the perspective of reporting a game, just as if he is a full blown member of the media. Starting in August of 2013, John Panarese and Gary are talk show hosts on SPORTS TALK 1240 - a Part of the Sports Radio New York group on WGBB AM-1240. John and Gary are on at least once a month - talking about New York Sports (with a little Islander influence). Gary, born and raised in Levittown, on Long Island, and worked for a major car rental company for almost 26 years, and now is a Process Improvement Analyst for Icon Central Laboratories. He has been married to Claire for 7 years. They met on a bus trip to see the Islanders play in Montreal. Gary also is a fan of the New York Mets, Long Island Ducks, New York Jets, Everton of the English Premier League, and is a big fan of the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Gary is also an accomplished bowler, having achieved perfection on May 4th, 1994, by bowling a perfect 300 game. His highest league average ever was 219, and highest series was 798. Gary also just had weight loss surgery in May of 2013. In the four months following surgery, he has lost nearly 80 pounds, and feels great. For further information on bariatric surgery options, check out Long Island Obesity Surgery. Favorite Isles Moment – Everyone says the cups. They were great. However, I was not a season ticket holder, or going to the games, so my favorite, was the 1993 march to the semi’s – beating Washington and Pittsburgh – the best was seeing Darius Kasparitis punching Lemieux like a rented Mule! Funny how a few years later, they were teammates. Of course, Montreal had NINE guys on the ice when they scored in Overtime in Game 3 of the Semi-Finals. Favorite All time Isles player – Tie – Bossy and Trottier on Offense, and Glenn Healy at the net. (Remember Pens fans, Trottier TAUGHT Mario how to WIN!) Favorite Current Isles player – Okposo and JT – of course – with a close third to Michael Grabner; and with every day appreciating the play of Andrew MacDonald and Travis Hamonic. This year, I am on the Matt Donovan bandwagon. (If I dont - his mother may hit go after me with a Skeet Gun!! LOL!) Favorite NHL City – Not Long Island – Vancouver with a close second to Ottawa – followed by Montreal (spot a pattern here?) Favorite player – not an Islander I like watching Ovie! – He is animated, funny and makes his mark. Also enjoy watching the Sedin twins play. Also - with his last name being the same as mine - Josh Harding of the Wild. Team I hate the most (what do you think?) Gary currently resides in Halesite, Long Island. His e-mail address is

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