Great Expectations: Islanders Find Themselves in Familiar Situation

It has happened a couple times so far this season. The Islanders won some games that some folks expected them not to. They strung some wins together and found themselves in position to take the proverbial ‘next step’ forward. Up until now, all those instances have resulted in maddeningly familiar results, usually with message boards, fan sites, your text message inbox, and Twitter ablaze with rage, fury, and frustration.

February 23, 2013

Idle Thoughts

Sunday morning (very early), I was a happy camper.  The Isles came off their best effort of the season against the Devils.  Despite the fact that they played the night before, the Devils were the top team in the Eastern Conference.  They were strong in all aspects of their game, and in many instances, were not the 1-3-1 trapping team that most opponents know and hate. The effort that the…

February 19, 2013