The Lockout Marches On

As the 2012 NHL owner imposed lockout continues, L.I. Newsday reports that reps from both sides will informally meet on Monday in Toronto to discuss what is essentially at the very crux of the disagreement; the dispensing of hockey related revenue amongst players and team owners. Expected to meet are the ‘B listers’; Steve Fehr and Bill Daly and various players and minions. From what I can gather at this…

September 23, 2012

Hockey From the Blind Side, Toughness is not the Question, but Will They Be Smart Enough?

I have often commented on the toughness of hockey players compared to the players of other sports. In fact, I have often gotten flack because of how merciless I can be on baseball players in conversations with friends when we talk about the sports. My favorite line is that you never see a hockey player missing two weeks of a season because of a hang nail …. Yesterday, I had…

September 11, 2012