Blog: Road To The Playoffs, A Look Back At 2019

As the New York Islanders are in the beginning days of their long break, many fans are looking for general manager, Lou Lamoriello, to make a move to improve the club because of the recent lackluster play and the belief that the Isles have hit their height and their is a fear that the Isles may not do well in the playoffs or worst yet, not make the playoffs at all. I would like to address the last fear and possibly try to ease some of the worries. I’m aware there will be some that will not be satisfied unless a move is actually made, but my goal is to show the Isles fans that things may not be as bad as some are making the Isles to be. In order to see how (far?) the Isles have fallen, you need to see how the Isles did during the calendar year of 2019.

Here is a list of the top 10 teams of the previous calendar year along with their records and what an 82 game pace these teams finished with.

1.Bruins 52-17-15 Pace: 116
2.Blues 56-20-11 Pace:116
3.Tampa 52-22-6 Pace: 113
4.Isles 52-24-6 Pace: 110
5.Carolina 54-26-4 Pace:109
6.Caps 51-24-10 Pace: 108
7.Pittsburgh 47-25-19 Pace: 104
8.Flames 46-30-8 Pace: 98
9.Dallas 45-30-7 Pace: 97
10.Nashville 42-28-10 Pace: 96

Bruins, Blues and Tampa…..Your Eastern Conference, Stanley Cup and President’s trophy winners. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so. Then it’s the Islanders next in line and they got past the first round so you can put that under their belts, but that’s how good they’ve played since Lou/Trotz took over. If any one had the Isles having a record like this and getting past the first round back in August of 2018, you’re just lying.

Even during the first half of this season the Islanders record was 26-12-3 a pace for you guessed it, 110 points. Even after a very rough January the Isles record now stands at 29-15-5, good for a 105 point pace. Yes, you can thank a 17 game point streak at the beginning of the season, but if the Isles can win 4 games in a row the Isles are back to a 110 point pace that they’ve been keeping for a full calendar year and that’s doable.

As you can also see there are three more teams from the metro division that are on this list, so no-one should be surprised to see teams like Washington or Pittsburgh and even Carolina breathing down the Isles necks right now because as you can see, they never left. If anyone needs a break it’s at least the top 7 teams in this article. Teams are tired/injured and are just trying to literally pace themselves to prepare for the playoffs, including the Islanders.

If the Islanders have established anything so far, it’s that they are a great regular season team. Making the playoffs should be a consistent thing from here on out, but with the trade deadline a month away and the Isles fans wanting some kind of change, tomorrow’s article will be covering some things the Isles will need to work on in order for them to compete with teams like the Blues, Bruins, Lightning and Capitals. If there is one thing that the Isles need to work on after reading this article, it’s rest and they’ve earned it. Rest up fans because there’s still a lot of season left. See you tomorrow.


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