Belmont – Here we Come! YES YES YES

Finally – News that every Islander fan should feel as GOOD NEWS!

As Larry Brooks said, this may have been the best day in 34 years, as an Islanders fan.


He is close, but it is right up there.

With a press conference at Belmont Park, it was announced the NY Arena Partners (A venture between the Isles/Mets and MSG) are going to build a complex at Belmont Park, where the Isles will finally call HOME!

Finally, for the first time as an organization – the Islanders will be able to call ALL the SHOTS in a building that will be there own.  Yes, they are getting help (from foes that certain may not feel as helpful), but Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin will be able to control what 40+ years of ownership before them, could simply not.

We do not need to get into the past details – we have all lived through it – and have the battle scars to prove it (No – this is not BATTLE LEVEL!). As an organization – the Isles have NEVER BEEN ABLE to play on the same playing fields as nearly all of the other NHL teams.  With this scenario – they now will.

Yes – this is 24, perhaps 30 months away.  Where will they play?  Will it be Nassau?  Will it still be Barclay’s?  Let’s see what happens; this is only hours old.

Just the fact that this news FINALLY happened, is something positive.

And for those who follow other boards, websites, and places, I am officially ‘poo pooing’ NY Islander Fan Central.  Of all of the positives that I have heard over the last 40 hours or so, that site, is nothing but unhappy.  They feel that this is a ‘Dolan’ thing, and have made gif’s to the point that they feel that Dolan will take over Belmont in a few years time, because Ledecky/Malkin can’t take the losses, and will move on.  For a site that seems to pride itself on being supportive of the team and its history, they feel that being an NYC team is the best thing that happened.

As far as I am concerned, you are NOT WORTHY of being called a FAN site.  Yes – that is one person’s opinion, but the Isles deserve to be run and treated like any of the other 30 franchises.

This is a day that you can put a flag on – and note that a shift in the direction of the franchise happened.  I am glad I was there to see it with my own eyes, and can say with a proud yell…


Note:  As you can tell – this is the first article I have written in a looooooong while.  I had moved on – and left Paul Kreischer, my good friend, in charge of the Isles Talk Ship (which he has done an EXCELLENT job, hasn’t he?  (Please send him a message and let him know that!!!)  I hope to write a little more on this place I started in the near future.  I also hope to do some podcasts, and audio shows in the future as well.  Please stay tuned to this web page, as we move onto another chapter of the history of the New York Islanders.

Let’s Get on Board!

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