Isles Seek Executive

From Art Staple of Newsday:

Scott Malkin and Jon Ledecky have not said anything publicly during the Islanders’ dismal start to the owners’ first season in charge. But they have been busy.

Newsday has learned that Malkin and Ledecky have been meeting since the summer with a number of people in the hockey world, from former team chief officers to power agents to retired players, in hopes of finding a “big name” to step in and oversee the Isles’ operations.

I’ll let you read the rest as it’s his article. I’m not fond of Lafontaine coming back because he has a habit of leaving that same position in a short time span (see Isles and Buffalo). I’m really nervous about Brad Richards taking over as that will take a hit on the PR side: Come to the Islanders, where players from last year instantly transform into executives. If Dale Tallon is no longer appreciated in Florida, then the Islanders should reach out about his availability. I think Tallon and Snow would work well together as they both have the same philosophy in building a team through the draft, and players do have a track record of liking Tallon. John Tavares’ agent, Pat Brisson is also mentioned. The biggest thing to take from this article is that nothing is imminent. It should be business as usual, but we should definitely see some changes in the upper management of the organization. I for one agree there should be more of a management group rather than having it consolidated the way it is. What are your thoughts? Don’t forget to follow me at @Netminder39



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