WGBB Chats With Islanders Assistant GM Doug Weight

From SportsTalk1240:
Hosts Gary Harding and John Sweeney welcome New York Islanders Assistant Coach and General Manager Doug Weight to the program, followed by longtime Islanders announcer Jiggs McDonald.

My Take: First off, Gary got a black jersey. If it wasn’t for him, I would not be writing on Isles Talk or in AHL press boxes and having quick chats with Garth, so I do owe him. Having said that, he’ll get some heat from me…..eventually. He did get a nice number on the back though. In all seriousness, Doug Weight believes the same thing that I previously wrote and what many believe this year, this could be a really special team, special meaning better or improving. I do agree with Weight that the team needed change and he’s got some great insight on Ryan Strome, who in my opinion, will be at training camp. Another name that was brought up was Mathew Barzal, who has a shot at making the team this year. Give it a listen by clicking on SportsTalk1240 above.

If you’re not, please follow Gary on Twitter at @GHardingWGBB and John Sweeney from WGBB @Alleycat010 . I’ve had the pleasure of meeting John at the Booster club meetings and I can tell you this, we could spend hours just talking about the Islanders and it’ll feel like minutes, a great person to talk to and soak in all his knowledge.


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