Stamkos, Hall, Lucic Off Radar; Plan D/E/F

My Take: At least the Stamkos signing comes a day before free agency begins and not for a week into it. I never thought Stamkos was coming to Long Island anyways due to the money situation with the Islanders, but this makes Tampa Bay as close to an Eastern Conference Dynasty as it gets.

My Take: Edmonton gets a defenseman in Larsson, but Hall was not who I thought would get traded. Either Hall’s trade value has dropped considerably or Larsson’s went up really high. My only guess at this point is that the Oilers are set in signing Milan Lucic to a contract and needed to make room for him while adding a top 4 defenseman.

Like many others around the NHL, Islanders fans are up in arms about how the Islanders could not land Hall, especially for a defenseman like Larsson, who is still showing potential to be more, but needs to get going. Art Staple explains why the trade didn’t happen:

This was more of a personal/internal team move than a business one not to move Hamonic. I honestly did not think Hall was coming to the Islanders anyways because of the Oilers potential lethal line of Hall-McDavid-Puljajarvi and that center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was the most candidate likely to be traded for a defenseman, now he is. I also remember when the Hamonic to Edmonton rumors were going around at the beginning of the season that the Isles were looking for a defenseman (Klefbom?) in return including Hall, so this 1 for 1 deal was never going to happen anyways. What the Islanders now have to do is go after the next left winger since Hall and probably Lucic are now off the market. The Devils have a lot of work ahead of them to even think about making the postseason so they’ll maybe move up in my rankings later on to being a bubble team at best, but they’ll give Philly and the Rangers a tougher time.

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