Islanders Qualify Six Players

From Art Staple at Newsday

My Take: Not really surprised the Isles got this done early, although I was wondering if Gibson was going to be given an offer. So now that the younger players have at least been qualified, the Islanders can now turn their attention to free agency. With a few teams making some surprise moves not to qualify a few players, the Islanders shopping menu may have gotten a little bigger.

On Stamkos: There’s a reason why I have not jumped on the writers bandwagon in demanding the Isles “Go all in” for Stamkos, money. I don’t think the Isles will be able to offer up enough money to Stamkos unless some contracts are moved, which as of right now, doesn’t seem likely. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but keep the expectations low so that if he does come to the Islanders, the excitement will be more than you expected. For now, it’s only Tuesday and there’s still more time to see how things play out. Who do you want the Islanders to go for? Leave your comments below.

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  1. I wanted the Islanders to keep Okposo and Nielsen. I think Okposo’s corner work is very much underestimated.

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