The “Hit” Was a Factor – but not the Reason They Lost

I did not notice it when it happened. Being in my office was one reason, and was not seriously looking at the monitor as much as I could.  Also the play happened so fast and was literally out of ‘camera shot’.

However, the hit on Thomas Hickey by Brian Boyle was a brutal hit to the head, keeping a defenseman out of the play, as the puck was shot in by the forward that took him out.

It has all of the ingredients of a huge downer to the home team, as they lost game 3.

However, should that have been the main reason for the loss?

Hell NO!

The reason the team is where they are now – the reasons we are watching Islander hockey in the month of May, were definitely the reason why this team did not win last night.  The first line was a complete bust.

The Captain – the ‘savior’ as so many on the Facebook boards anoint him to be – was about as invisible as a thief in the night.  This is not a jab at John Tavares.  I absolutely adore this man’s passion for the game and all of his abilities.  This is just simply, a rough night; the equivalent of a home run hitter going zero for four with three strikeouts.

Kyle Okposo did not have it either.

Very unfortunate that your two top offensive threats were drawing zeroes at the same time.

But this club was getting many shots on net from other players.  Including some players that we missed for a few games.

Welcome Josh Bailey!

Two goals for number 12, and almost a third, that may have sealed the deal.  It was nice to see him back and making a strong effort and contributing to the team (like a first rounder should???).

— Had to add that for the Facebook people that do not like him.

But back to the hit.  Yes, that was a 6 foot 7 inch man nailing a 5 foot 10 inch defensemen, but again – in the opinion of this writer, when you had the chance to get it done – you did not.  I think it should be reviewed, but I do not think anything will happen.  As brutal as it looked, the problem was leaving Boyle unmarked in front of the net.

As for the fans throwing beer and other things on the ice last night – GROW UP!  The folks behind the net, nearly caused damage to the DJ equipment, as well as the organ that Paul Cartier plays on.  Real smart, you jackasses!  Stay Classy, Islander fans!

Now – two days to regroup, and get that killer instinct back.  Very simple – get a W, get the series even, and then it is a best of 3.  The Isles can win on the road.  Just SHUT UP AND GET IT DONE!

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