Is Sunday Night Hockey Good Idea?

As of yesterday December 27th, the News York Islanders have lost six games on a Sunday.

You want me to be honest about hockey teams playing on Sundays, well Sunday games are honestly aren’t good for both players and fans.

One reason is that the team is not used to playing on Sundays. Last season, the NHL scheduled zero games on Sundays and the Islanders did pretty well in their division.

Another reason is sports fans don’t usually associate Sunday nights with hockey. Sunday’s are usually for sports fans to sit back and watch their favorite football team in action.

For the players, they are used to having Sundays off to rest after a game on Saturday night  and practice. Now they have to wake up and get ready for a game on Saturday and then get ready for another game on Sunday.

Yes, they are used to playing a lot, but in the past they didn’t have any games on Sunday.

Some teams, like the islanders aren’t doing so well playing on Sundays. So please NHL next season do not have games on Sundays.



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