Isles & Zidlicky Not A Fit

From Elliote Friedman:

7. The Islanders also investigated the possibility of Marek Zidlicky during the summer. He isn’t going there, but there are a couple of teams looking.

Well this opens a spot for Ryan Pulock, who’s style has recently been compared to Shea Weber. I said that when I was doing my draft preview of him a few years back, so that’s old news. He always reminded me of former Islander Bryan McCabe and he emulated his style to Shea Weber. Will the Islanders bring in another veteran on a tryout? Doesn’t seem likely as of now. If you’re a fan that is not happy about Garth not improving the defense, your worries have increased, but training camp just got started and there’s always a trade or waiver wire to consider so there’s still time. For now, it’s up to Pulock to prove he belongs.


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