Isles Talk 2015 Draft Preview: Travis Dermott

Now I shall move onto the next phase of the 2015 Isles Talk draft preview and shift my focus to this scenario: What if the Islanders acquired a mid second rounder to a high third? I’m not speculating how they got there, just to go ahead and pick out players who could be in that category. Enter Travis Dermott. For now, if I could describe Dermott it would be like this: Travis Hamonic’s little brother. Nothing flashy, yet plays a good all-round game and is more of an offensive defenseman. He’s got good size for his age now, makes all the right plays yet is very calm in almost every situation. In 3-5 years the Islanders may need every kind of prospect to step in and Dermott could do just that. There’s a certain buzz going around that the first two rounds will consist of mostly forwards being drafted so when the mid to late second round and especially the third round come into play, it’s best player available. Could Dermott fall into the third round? Possible, but I’ll be shocked.

Name: Travis Dermott

Position: Defense

Height/Weight: 5’11” 197lbs

Central Scouting: 46 (North America)


TSN Bob McKenzie: 42

TSN Craig Button: 40

Rankings: So I continue to read and listen this week, many are in on Sprong, so I will move him down to 10th and move Bracco up to 9th. Dermott will have the 8th seed for now.

8. Travis Dermott
9. Jeremy Bracco
10. Daniel Sprong

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