Isles Talk 2015 Draft Preview: Gabriel Gagne

Just chalk up another “swing for the fences” prospect that I found that the Islanders may draft on Saturday. Gagne is another power forward winger who needs time to mature into his body and if he takes the initiative, will be a top 6 winger in the NHL. I’ve read from many sites that he reminds them of Benoit Pouliot. He has shown early on the ability to score but needs to use his already impressive size more to really capitalize on his overall offensive game. What intrigues me with Gagne was that he was a low second/high third round pick around mid season and now he looks like he could go mid second for sure, so he has improved this season. If he is given the time, his development and maturity will only benefit the Islanders when he’s finally called upon.

Name: Gabriel Gagne

Position: Winger

Height/Weight: 6’5″ 186

Central Scouting: 36 (North America)


TSN Bob McKenzie: 61

TSN Craig Button: 91

Gagne is another player that will be frequently moved around in my rankings simply because this draft is very much of a wants rather than needs. Gagne for all I know could be had at 72, but I would be very surprised. If he is available at 72, he would certainly be the best player available for the Islanders.

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