Isles Talk 2015 Draft Preview: Daniel Sprong

Next on my list is my “Kyle Okposo” pick. If for whatever reason Okposo is indeed traded and the Islanders land in the late first, early second rounds, and it’s between Bracco and Sprong, Daniel Sprong should get picked. He’s probably my biggest boom/bust choice because the ceiling is quite high for him. He’s got decent size and a good scoring touch with great speed, but like Bracco without the maturity issue, Sprong needs time to develop and the Islanders have plenty of that. His biggest development will be in the team game and learning how to trust them and if that progresses, it’s an absolute steal for the Isles. From what I’ve been able to get on Sprong, think Kyle, maybe even better.

Name: Daniel Sprong

Position: RW

Height/Weight: 6’0 183lbs

Central Scouting: 20 (North America)

ISS: 26

TSN Bob McKenzie: 33

TSN Craig Button: 38

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