Season Review from a Fans Point a View

After the lost in game 7, Islanders fans have a little to celebrate and a little to be sad about.

For me one thing I could celebrate is that even though we might have lost in the first round of the playoffs, I personally thought that the team proved to every NHL hockey team that they aren’t just the Islanders, who are from Long Island and aren’t a team that should be respected because of the players they have, well the Islanders have proved the haters wrong all season long.

With having a rookie like Anders Lee on the team during the year, he helped the team in front of the net with blocking the other teams goalie so his teammates could score is a great example how the fans should celebrate the season.

Another reason why we should be celebrating this year as Islanders fans is because Garth Snow did something amazing. He signed Nick Leddy and Johnny Boychuk for seven more years.

I personally like Nick Leddy and Johnny Boychuk for many reasons.  Nick Leddy has great speed on the ice and handles the puck well. Johnny Boychuk, well I don’t know exactly what to say about him, but Boychuk is another player who can be physical and great player to be on the power play more in the future.

After looking back on what we as fans should be celebrating. We also have a few things to be sad about.


One thing I think that I more sad about is that the last game that was played in the Nassau Coliseum was a game six, first round playoff game. I would’ve liked to see at least more games played at the Coliseum.

A little side note: I thought the way the Captials played game 6 and 7 were disrespectful.

Back to my season review:
On a final note, I just want to thank the New York Islanders for an awesome season and I can’t wait what next season has to bring.




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