Hockey from the Blind Side, Isles Blow Their Chance for Home Ice Advantage in the 1st Round and Close Out the Final Regular Season at the Old Barn on a Disappointing Note


Here is my latest audio podcast. In this recording, I talk about last night’s final regular season home game at the “Old Barn” and my thoughts about the playoffs.

Let me first say, which I did not touch on in the recording, that the ceremonies before the game with Jiggs McDonald commentating the video tribute to the Islanders, Claire Arbour dropping the ceremonial first puck, the Nassau PD Emerald Society band and everything else was well done. It was my first game this season, and to be there with the energy and the noise and the, “yes, yes yes!” chants were memories I will always cherish, despite the loss. It was a great evening for me, and I will not deny that it was quite emotional as well.

My brother Joe and then myself and three friends owned season tickets for about twelve years from the middle 1980’s to near the end of the 1990’s, and it was quite sad for me to know there will be no more home games next season at the old barn. I can remember my first game with an Islanders 4-1 victory around 1985, and so many other games stick out in my mind. I was at one of the 1993 playoff games in which the Islanders won in overtime, and I was also at the game against the leafs in the playoffs in which Sean Baits scored on the penalty shot.

There I was saying goodbye to a building that had once been a big part of my life. I was a little choked up as I sat in my seat before the game with the memories washing over me. I regret not having been able to make many games over the last few years, and how much I missed being in the building for games struck me so profoundly. It was simply truly disappointing that the Islanders ended up losing the game in the shootout as they did.

In any event, here is my audio podcast. Thank you for listening throughout the season and your readership on this site.

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