From The 300 Section – CowBell Gate Epilogue

An era is over... No more cowbell
An era is over… No more cowbell


Well – it is over now…

This is what is displayed on the Nassau Coliseum Website:

Prohibited Items
Food and beverage, large oversized bags or backpacks, strollers, noisemakers of any kind, weapons or projectiles, video recorders, any camera deemed to be professional and laser pointers are not allowed in Nassau Coliseum. Please note that Security will search all bags and persons upon entry.

So – after all of these years, it seems that we have been carrying illegal items.  Never thought a COWBELL can be a weapon or something that could seriously hurt a person.

It was meant to be an item to get the fans to respond.  Well – far be it from us ‘fans’ to not be fans.

Oh well.  Onto Game 5.  This is such a tough call on who to play and who to sit.  Coaches will have big decisions.  We need this win.

Talk tomorrow following the game.

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  1. What a shame. The playoffs are when the home crowd is that “extra man”, you want the home team to know that the crowd there is pulling for them. You don’t see Washington banning “horn guy” he is their crowd cheer-leader. I don’t see him as the reason there are a few bad eggs in the crowd…same for Claire and her cowbell. She is not starting fights with it, although now she might want to with out it. 🙂

    What’s next, telling all fans they can’t all wear the same color jersey as that will incite a riot? What fools are there at NCVMC…and I am not talking about the team, I am talking about the managing company there. Knee-jerk over reaction to an isolated incident.

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