Talk From the 300 Section – A Point is a Point


It may not have been the ultimate result; but a point is better than nothing.

It was the first time all season that the Isles did not get two points once they crossed 60 minutes.  Can you believe that?

Some thoughts on what I heard throughout the night, and my feelings as we head through a very important week for this hockey club.

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  1. Gary you know I love you and I LOVE my islanders but the numbers are the numbers we BLEW ANOTHER Third period lead we lead the league in that department out of all PLAYOFF TEAMS we lost another third period 1 goal to NONE we have the WORST third period goal differential out of any PLAYOFF TEAM. We need a coach that plays a system that will PREVENT ALL THIS from happening OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. JUST look at the two games against the wild this year we BLEW a 3 goal third period lead in Minnesota and NOW TONIGHT AGAIN that’s three points OUT the window. If we came back to get the point its a GOOD POINT when you BLOW the THIRD PERIOD LEAD AGAIN like we do more often then any other playoff team its a BAD POINT LOST. And I never said we didn’t compete in the third we got out played and out scored AGAIN IN THE THIRD.

    1. Ed,
      I understand what you are saying… Although I do not call this “BLOWING A LEAD” if the team did not fall down and die (like they did in Minny) – I would class this as a breakdown. This was not a breakdown. Can’t you just give Minny the credit and especially Dubnyk? I think that against a mainstream goalie, the Isles would have had 4-5 goals. This kid is freaking 25-4-4! Please give them marks!

      And please STOP about the coach. Scotty Bowman would have lost this game. Al Arbour would have lost this game.

  2. What everybody has to REALIZE THESE ARE NOT MY FEELINGS THESE ARE THE FACTS. And you DONT win in the playoffs with these FACTS. Now saying that no one on the face of this god given earth will root harder then me for my islanders.

  3. Just got off the phone with ELIAS sports bureau we are 23-3-3 rest of the east teams in the playoffs are rangers 31-0-1 Tampa 31-0-2 wings 23-0-3 habs 31-2-2 wash 31-2-3 pitt 29-2-1 Ottawa 20-2-2 so three teams have NOT BLOWN ONE LEAD the other 4 one less then us And all have as many ore way more chances to BLOW THOSE LEADS again these are the facts not my feelings

  4. And PLEASE don’t COMAPE JT OR LETTY OR JOHNNY ROCKET to BAILEY they have done a MILLION GOOD THINGS and then make a glairing mistake that’s why they get a pass and josh doesn’t deserve ONE. And don’t forget what I talked to you about JT is a MILLIONARE MAKER he makes every one AT LEAST ONE GRADE BETTER WHEN THEY PLAY WITH HIM PA BOYES MOULSON AND NOW KO AND JOSH.

  5. That is fine, Ed… Your points are valid, and we can agree to disagree… However, I am convinced that every team has their whipping boy. Bailey is this version. For me – I am a Finance and numbers guy. And in my case I think that JT’s numbers improved with 12 on his line. 12 has been better since – proving your point about the millionaire maker, but look at mid February to mid March.

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