Hockey from the Blind Side, It’s Starting to Become Concerning to Me


The New York Islanders were defeated by the Anaheim Ducks yesterday by the score of 3-2. After the Ducks took a 3-1 lead in the later stages of the second period, the Islanders got one back from Casey Cizikas in the third. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, and the Islanders dropped their seventh straight at home.

At this point, it is getting a bit concerning to me. It isn’t even a case of the Islanders having played badly. They are just not getting goals, and whether it’s a case of bad “puck luck” or them just facing hot goaltenders, the bottom line is they are not finding the back of the net when they need it.

With everyone behind them pick up ground, it is desperation time. I’m sure everyone in that locker room is aware of this fact, and it is really a matter of the boys finding a way to break through and win. I’d certainly be much more concerned if they were getting lit up every night and not coming to play, but, nevertheless, they should have beaten the Wild on Tuesday and played well enough to come back against both the Kings and the Ducks.

In my latest edition of my audio podcast, I discuss my feeling about the Islanders and summarize what has happened to them this week. Please listen and feel free to comment below.


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