Top 5 Islanders Games Vs. Penguins

This was a good time.
This was a good time.
The NHL has completed their Pittsburgh Penguins edition of their 30 teams in 30 days series and are saying the Penguins will make the playoffs and win the division….again. Whereas I do agree, as of this writing, that the Penguins are the favorites for the division title, I do believe that the competition will be tighter and that the Islanders will be in the thick of a playoff race. It also doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun with it.  Here are my Top 5 Islanders games against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Get some popcorn, sit back yell at your screen and enjoy!!

#5 1975: I wasn’t around for it, but it doesn’t mean it’s not important. This was the year that the Islanders became just the second team in NHL history to comeback from a 3-0 deficit and win the series.

#4 2007: Al Arbour Night. Thank you Ted Nolan for brining back Al for game number 1500 and win number 740 against, you guessed it, the Penguins.

#3 2011: February 11th 2011 is my favorite regular season game against the Penguins. I’m not putting in all the fights, you can find it anywhere, I’m just putting in the mutilation the Islanders gave the Penguins that night.

#2 1993: I owe David Volek a big thank you. Thanks to him and my over-confident Penguins classmates, I didn’t have to worry about paying for my college books for the first YEAR.

#1 2013: Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Quarter Finals, a game that basically had Marc-Andre Fleury set up an appointment with a Sports Psychologist and cardiologists were on stand by at the Coliseum because the Isles couldn’t hold a lead for 10 seconds. You’ve got to love Doug Weight here.

Can the Islanders make more memories at the expense of the mighty Penguins this year? I hope so.

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  1. Islanders beating the Pens game 5 in 1982 on Tonelli’s OT goal is at the very least in the top 3 between these 2 clubs if not #1 overall.

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