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Sunday night is another version of SportsTalk1240, on WGBB.  The show that I will be hosting (John is on vacation this week) starts at 8PM.  John Sweeney, another passionate Islander fan will be my co-host for the evening.


We will have Rich Dias-Rodrigues, a great writer for the Islanders Insight web site (which was Eyes on Isles, after John and the crew left it).  Rich and John and I will talk about the state of the Islanders some 27,000 minutes or so away from the start of the final Nassau Training Camp.  We will talk about our memories of the Coli, the moves the GM has made, and the tough decisions the Coach will have to set his roster come the first week of October.

Then in the latter portions of the show, I will talk about the state of Booster/Fan Clubs in the NHL.  As you may or may not know, I have been involved with the Islanders Booster Club since the late 80s.  I have served as its President from 1997 – 2001, and also have been involved with the NHL Convention hosting (it was on Long Island in 1997), as well as serve as its webmaster.  I took the time to interview some of the attendees, and got their reactions about what this convention means to them, as well as the role fans can play in this atmosphere.

We hope that you can tune into the show on Sunday.  Remember, if you can not pick up WGBB on your AM radio dial, the best way is to go to the TUNE IN APP – you can get it on the NET, or on your iPhone or Android smartphone.  Search for WGBB and you will find us.  The shows are also available on iTunes, and are available on the SportsTalk 1240 Website.  If you want to talk to us at the station, you can call us at (631) 888-8811.

Have a great day.

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