Kabanov Bought Out

Photo courtesy of http://circlingthewagon.files.wordpress.com
Photo courtesy of http://circlingthewagon.files.wordpress.com

From Art Staple:

Islanders have placed F Kirill Kabanov on unconditional waivers.

My Take: He’ll be bought out of his final year of his entry-level contract. I did not put Kabanov on my Bridgeport “roster” as I wasn’t sure if he’d be back. Behavior issues plagued him, but when reading and talking to a few people, his dad (believed to be his agent) was an issue as well as he wanted his son in the NHL. Many Europeans would rather just play in the NHL or now in the KHL or the SEL and not in the AHL. Either way, he now has cemented a reputation to stay away from. Kabanov did excel in every League he played for except the AHL. Was it because he didn’t want to play there or that he wasn’t good enough? Will another team give him a tryout? If he doesn’t how quickly will he sign in the KHL?

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