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From Art Staple of Newsday via Twitter:

G. Bazos, Dan Boyle’s agent, said that Boyle still hasn’t made a decision on whether to negotiate with . “We have no real timetable.”

The , however, may have a timetable to get Boyle signed. Could look to move his rights if there’s no decision in next 7-10 days.

My Take: Most fans (the same ones expecting the announcement of Charles Wang selling the Islanders tomorrow) are already saying that Boyle will not sign and that the Isles should trade him now. I say not so fast. If he didn’t want to sign, he would’ve been like Buffalo Sabres defenseman Christian Ehrhoff a few years back and said no thank you a lot sooner when the Isles traded for his rights (How did that work out for him?).  The fact that Boyle did not make a decision yet doesn’t mean he’s stringing the Islanders along, it means that whoever he’s talked to has at least given Boyle something to be enticed about (Turns out, he’s already spoken to a few Islanders, so there you go). Boyle says he wants to play for a contender and IF he gets a two year contract from anyone else, who would be at the top of each Conference in that span?

In the West: it’s Chicago, Colorado, possibly Los Angeles, and Minnesota. Who knows, throw in Anaheim to make a surprise run. That’s a lot in the West to choose from, but most are probably not willing on giving him the amount of money or years he’s looking for. Maybe the Av’s, so let’s take a look at the East.

In the East: I’d go with Boston, maybe Tampa Bay, Detroit, Pittsburgh is beatable, the Rangers will always be involved with Hank as their goalie, but maybe not as deep. I’m not holding my breathe with Toronto or Montreal as both Boston & Detroit have their numbers and a 38 year old will not tip the scale of a poor Leafs defense. So I would say that leaves you Boston, Detroit and if they continue to grow, Tampa Bay as solid Cup contenders.

This just leaves two solid contenders in the East and the Metropolitan Division wide open for the taking. If Boyle sees the potential of the Islanders and the impact he could have on the team, he could be playing for a Cup contender in his two year contract.   There’s no doubt he improves the team, but the Isles signing the top free agent goalie in Halak already made the Islanders better not to mention, in my humble opinion, adding the top Junior Hockey defenseman in Griffin Reinhart, along with getting back a healthy Hart Trophy Candidate in John Tavares and the free agency period hasn’t started yet.

I’m hoping that the stuff I’m mentioning is what he’s really thinking about because the Islanders may in fact be that close to becoming contenders again, for a while. The sooner he signs, or any vet that will help the Isles grow, the quicker this happens. If he does decide not to sign, that’s okay. At least he has something to think about and not making a quick, and possibly a rash decision.

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