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ST1240_143Yes, I am still here.  Been spending the bulk of my time, looking for a job.  But I am still watching over the site, and have a chance to give some opinions.

Yes, I was THRILLED that the Kings won the cup last week.  My wife has been playfully tortured by our Ranger fan friends because the Blueshirts captured the Cup on her birthday (June 14th).  This season, the Kings scored their victory in game 5 less than an hour after the beginning of June 14th.  So in our thoughts, they cancel out.

But speaking for the Rangers, they played an outstanding playoff season.  I have been an Alain Vigneault fan ever since he was hired by Vancouver.  He was the perfect fit for that team, and they should have won the cup a few years ago against Boston.  He did a great job with the Rangers, and made the team accept his systems and work with it. Despite the lack of production by two of their stars (Richards and Nash).

Henrik was brilliant at times, and quite average in other times.  In the final, the real King, was Jonathan Quick, who pushed his LA team to the pinnacle once again.  The second time in three years.

For many fans of the blue and orange, it was a sigh of relief.  And now – it is on to Next SEASON…

October 11 is the last home opener at the Nassau Coliseum, and the Hurricanes are the opponents.  At 4PM Eastern, the rest of the schedule will be announced.  We will all be ready to see who the last game will be against, as the team will move to Brooklyn next October.

Now – we have the draft coming on Friday.  The Islanders have the 5th pick (for now).  And if you are a reader of Isles Talk, you have seen the GREAT articles by Paul Kreischer about the top prospects for the upcoming show on Friday,  What will the Isles do with their pick?  Will Michael del Calle, the current number 5 ranked player by CSB be their choice?  Do they go for Reinhart brother number 2 and ‘move up’ to go for Sam?  Rumor has it that the Florida Panthers are willing to shop their number one pick.  Will the Isles try to ‘pluck’ that player?  Friday night at the Coliseum will be an interesting night to see what Garth Snow and the braintrust do.

Also – in another week – we have Free Agency.  With Nabokov not signed, it will be interesting to see what options Snow has for obtaining a goalie.  Could James Reimer be the one?  Will it be another named goaltender, or will he continue with the Poulin wall…  What will he do with Boyle?  Willl he move him on, to try and get the pick back that he lost?  The potential of Brooklyn lingering close should get players to potentially want to play in a building that is not as decrepit as the old lady in Uniondale.  We will see.  We have been seeing that the Isles have been using that ‘hold on to the floor’ salary for years and years.  Let’s see what Garth will do?  Can he get the player that had escaped him in the past?

Well – tonight – we will talk about these and many other topics on SportsTalk1240.  Our show can be pulled from the Tune In App (Search for WGBB), or go to, and click on the Listen Live Button at the top of the page.  Or you can go the old terrestrial radio, and go to 1240AM.  John and I will be with Derek Wasiak – the host of the New York Sports Exchange.  Derek, a proud Ranger fan, is a real good fan, very knowledgeable about hockey (he is a ref at the college level), and is great to talk to.  We are going to have Paul Kreischer come on and talk about the draft, and what the potential will be.  In the second half hour, we will take calls.  The number to the station is (631) 888-8811.  We hope you can be a part of the show.

See ya on the air tonight!

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