Garth Snow – Howard Beale… Similarities anyone?


If you remember the movie, “Network”, Peter Finch, the actor that portrayed Howard Beale, the crazed news anchor who muttered a phrase that will be forever be a momentum getter at NHL arenas.  He did not use a ‘curse word’ but his antics remind me of someone at the NHL draft last night.

After Garth Snow took to the airwaves (and we in the USA did not see it when it was live, due to the NBC Network.  Garth certainly had a nice day on Friday.  As most of the pundits expected, the Isles selected Michael Dal Colle with that pick at number five.  Dal Colle is one that will be a good fit for the team.  He will need to get larger (he is listed at 171 pounds on that 6’2″ frame).


According to Shawn Reznik of the Hockey, he gave a glowing account for the play of Dal Colle:

Dal Colle is a rangy, gifted center with hands that can dangle in a phone booth. He dazzles with the puck on his stick and can weave through defenses with ease. Given his stickhandling ability, Dal Colle is also one of the premier set-up men available. He knows where his teammates are at all times and passes with precision. His skill also comes with a mesmerizing wrist shot that he isn’t afraid to use. His wrister is fast, accurate, and deadly. And although he doesn’t use his slap shot as often, that too is lethal for opposing goalies.

Although he told TSN last night he is hoping to make the team, he is most likely headed back to Oshawa to get stronger and improve some of the physical attributes that he will need to make the next level.

As far as Ho-Sang, Harrison Mooney from “Puck Daddy” mentioned the following:

Ho-Sang knew what people were saying about him. “I think I’m outspoken and I’m a little bit more opinionated than most people like,” he said, “but I think that’s just part of growing up, and I’m definitely learning the areas where I can and can’t be. I’m just working on that moving forward.”

He even admitted that he was prepared to go home unselected as a result, “especially towards the end. It’s something you have to get ready for, just so you don’t get hurt.” But then the Islanders stepped up.

“I’ll give them everything I have. I’ll push until I can’t breathe.”

As for those that didn’t believe in him, Ho-Sang’s out to make them look stupid.

“I’ve got 26 teams to show that they missed out and I definitely have to show the Islanders that they were right.”

As for Snow, he was not finished.  He said the following (but not on Television though).

“We get the players that we feel can help us win a championship. I don’t give a s*** what anyone else thinks.”

Way to go Garth.  I am sure that Howard would be real proud of you right now.  You’re not going to take it anymore.  Now – get busy on Day 2 of the draft, and make the fans proud on  the first.

If anything more comes around – we will have it here on Isles Talk.  Also – John and I will  be on SPORTSTALK 1240 tomorrow at 9PM.  We will take calls on the draft and the upcoming free agency.  Call us at (631) 888-8811.

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