Step Away From The Ledge

A face every Isles fan wants to love.
A face every Isles fan wants to love.

Literally a couple of days ago, former New York Islanders PR master and current Sports Business Journal writer Chris Botta commented on the  SBJ/SBD’s weekly NHL Wrap-Around podcast that a deal with Islanders Owner Charles Wang and prospective buyer Andrew Barroway have an understanding on the purchase price of the Islanders. Continuing his report Botta spoke this gem about Barroway:

“ He does not have the money yet. He is not in that ballpark of slam dunk wealthiness where he could do this alone, so he is continuing to look for partners… If Charles Wang can get this deal done, he will take it. It’s Barroway’s to lose.“

My Take: Folks, if you’re an investor or anyone related in the possible purchase of the Islanders, that story is a Public Relations BOMBSHEL!!! I do not want people to know that Barroway is still looking for partners, I want to make this as rosy as possible for Islanders fans knowing that Charles Wang, enemy number one right now in Islanders Country, will not be the owner much longer.

Having said that, just days later the Sports Business Journal comes out with this today:

A source close to Barroway said last night that Barroway recently lined up the necessary partners and financing to complete a deal.

“It was no secret that Andy needed partnership money,” said the source. “Now, he’s put it all together and he’s in position to make the deal Wang wants.”

My Take: THAT is what should’ve been said in the first place. Could Botta have been misinformed, or outdated? Possibly. I don’t know, but I’m not counting on that. If you’re a seasoned Islanders fan like me, and Isles fan Kevin Connelly there are two words that immediately pop into your head when it comes to an owner trying to get money to own the Islanders: John Spano. You cannot trust what you’re hearing just yet, but maybe a bit more hopeful. If you’re a younger Islanders, I’m sure you’re ready to jump off the cliff  and profess your love to Barroway just like Clark Gillies did to Spano in his retirement speech.

Now, is Barroway John Spano? No. Let me make that clear. Could he still purchase the Isles? Absolutely!  But what just happened here could be nothing more than Barroway’s group continuing the Isles fans passion of getting rid of Charles Wang sooner rather letting the fans know that this might take a little longer. Will Barroway get it done? Like Botta said, it’s his to lose. So to my younger fans out there, you can look over the edge to see how deep the fall is, but give this a little more time for things to unfold before you take the plunge like we all did with Spano all those years ago. Believe me, that fall we all took still hurts. We just don’t want the same thing happening to you.

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      1. Like Nelson Peltz Botta takes stories and makes them his for attention which the only priorirty. This is someone who makes this big announcement on quitting isles twitter and stays on twitter. Plus his 2010 drama on Nelson Peltz that never happened. Yes will win referendum, countless things with blatent contradictions.

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