Brock Nelson Continues To Shine & Other News

Brock impressive in Worlds: Photo by G. Harding - Isles Talk
Brock impressive in Worlds: Photo by G. Harding – Isles Talk

There’s no question as we watched the World Championships that Brock Nelson is growing and evolving in front of our eyes. Nelson is one of the top goal scorers for Team USA and you can see the talent oozing out of him. The best part? He’s only going to get better. That is what Islanders fans wanted to see from him this spring. In my eyes, he’s the biggest trade asset the Islanders have, maybe Griffin Reinhart (LHH), but neither are going anywhere.  The question for Nelson is this: Where does he play next season? Will he be the left winger for John Tavares, or will he be moved to center, his natural position.

Speaking of left wingers and what the Isles might do, take a read from Islanders Insight:

Looking at the system and around the league, there are three likely approaches the Isles can take.

The first and most obvious option for Snow is filling the spot with a free agent.

The second potential solution is a trade.

The third solution is to fill the position from within.

My take: As I’ve written before that if the Isles go to free agency, where are you putting him? It’s just not cut and dry. Unless you’re trading for a backup, making trades first makes sense before signing free agents, but if you really want to know what the Isles off season moves could be, give it a read.

Satan Retires

From Islanders Point Blank:

Former Islander and subject of a million Devil jokes, Miroslav Satan announced his retirement from hockey yesterday at the age of 39.

He scored over 200 goals during his 14-year NHL career, but he’ll probably be most known for his name that evoked all kinds of hell-acious jokes and lots of hopes that he would eventually sign with the Devils, so you know, the Devils could sell a jersey that said ‘Satan’ on the back.

My Take: This was well written by Kevin, the beginning of this was just the start of the humor. All jokes aside, I honestly would’ve liked to see Satan play longer on the Island, one of the very few free agents who truly wanted to play for the Islanders. His scoring decreased as the years went on, but he’s a winger that could’ve helped with the amount of injuries the Islanders have had over the years.

Anders Lee Gets His Degree

From @NYIslanders

Congrats ! MT Congratulations to all of our graduates this spring!

My Take: There’s nothing like that kind of satisfaction after working your butt off for years and finally getting that degree. For me, I still question the common sense in graduates these days. Example, at my graduation, I was sitting next to my Psychology peers….in the stands with the fans right next to me and blowing that cool air to my face, where all the girls were trying to fix the makeup they had put on and the guys are using their caps as fans….ahhhh common sense LOL!!! Either way, congrats to Anders and don’t forget to say that to him when you see him at the Islanders draft party.

PK (@Netminder39)

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