Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions from Behind The Stove

Well, I have The Kings playing for the Cup; who will they play?  Here are my predictions for the first round of the Eastern Conference.

Boston vs Detroit- Boston in seven–  I love the way the Bruins play hockey: very old school and great goaltending.  With that being said, they have played a ton of games over the last 4 years and I think it will catch up to them eventually.  Detroit is full of young speedsters and grizzled vets.  Just through sheer will and great coaching they will push the Big Bad Bruins to seven games.

Tampa Bay vs Montreal- Montreal in six – If Ben Bishop plays it changes things and will be a seven game set.  Montreal has a great first line, yes with our friend Thomas Vanek.  Good depth, dynamic defense and good goaltending.  I think experience, or lack thereof, for both players and coaches will cost Tampa in the end.

Philadelphia vs The Rags- Philly in seven– This series is like making out with my sister – who do you root for when the two teams you hate the most face off?  Rangers have the goaltending, although Mason has been real good for Philly and Emery has the playoff experience (Chicago and Ottawa).  Rangers have the defense but the Flyers have the ability to piss off every player on the other team like its nobodies business.  They get in the heads of the opponent and cause them to take stupid penalties and once Philly gets a lead, its over.  Philly scorers have tremendous forward depth and are really tough, so if you are winning prepare for an ass whoopin.  The Flyers will just be too tough and the heartless Alain Vigneault teams always fold like a cheap suit in the playoffs.

Pittsburg vs Columbus (should be the ISLES but that’s a post for another day) – Pittsburg in five. Unless Kyle Okposo walks through the door for the Jackets and causes M.A.F. to retreat to the locker room, I just don’t see how this goes more than five.  Malkin is back.  Latang is back.  Crosby is out of control.  If Fluery can be decent, its a quick one.

My pick for the Eastern representative is the Penguins

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