Could Reinhart Be Had At #4

Potvin's, Sutter's, Jonsson's, Reinhart's?
Potvin’s, Sutter’s, Jonsson’s, Reinhart’s?

The Islanders have had a history of having brothers on the same Islanders team. In the 70’s you had the Potvin’s, the 80’s you had the Sutter’s, or at least two of them, and in the late 90’s you had Kenny and Jorgen Jonsson. Is it possible the Islanders could bring in Sam Reinhart, the number one (or two)  consensus pick and join him with his brother and 2012 first round pick and next years Islanders defenseman Griffin? With the Islanders looking to finish strong at the end of this season, they and the Calgary Flames are battling for the fourth overall pick in this years entry draft. Now I have not yet started my draft previews for Isles Talk but I have kept an eye on the top 5 players in the draft. Sam is a flat out winner. There is nothing flashy about his game, but he has the overall talent to be a solid player in the NHL, hence the number 1 or 2 ranking all year long. One person who has done well in picking the correct player drafted by the Islanders has been Craig Button, the former Calgary Flames GM who has been credited in developing the team that went to the Stanley Cup in 2004.  He recently picked which player would go to that respective team. Check it out here and look to your right and click on “Predicting The Top Picks”

For those who don’t care to watch, Sam lands in the number 4 spot, a spot the Isles could hold. Would Calgary be interested in landing Reinhart and have him play with Max, his other brother and having the two of them playing on the same team? Which brother is Sam’s favorite?

My Take: Now the interesting part of that Mock Draft is that Sam Reinhart may actually fall to the number 4 slot in the draft. My question is this: If the Isles land the number 4 pick, would the Islanders give up the pick in this years draft to Buffalo to complete the Matt Moulson trade, or do they take the chance, hold on to the pick and possibly draft Griffin’s brother?  All the more reason to watch the draft lottery this season.  One way or another, the Islanders will be making news starting June 1st when they decide to either keep the pick or complete the trade and give it to Buffalo. Either way, there will be some disgruntled Isles fans, so pleasing everyone is not happening. What are your thoughts?


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