Is This The Beginning of The End For the GM?

snow14First of all – let me say that I am 100% positive that Garth Snow was not sitting at his desk and playing with the desktop pool game.

He had to be working the phones…

He had to be working for the best possible deal for Thomas Vanek.

When it was announced at about 3:10 PM today, I can see that the collective sting hitting Islander nation

The picture I put on the site earlier about Snow walking around in his uniform to hide himself… He may want to try something like that.

#SNOWMUSTGO is a quickly trending Tweet hashtag.

Good thing that the Islanders are on the road for the week.  I was not looking forward to the game on the 14th., but now – I wonder what it will be like in the stands.

Here are the stats on our new PROSPECT!



Let’s talk about it….

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