Hockey from the Blind Side, Comments on the Last Few Radio Shows

Time has often been the problem for me of late as far as preventing me from posting a lot more frequently and consistently than I have been able to do. Life just happens sometimes. My schedule can be so strange that I just don’t have much open time to sit down and write a good post or I try to put something together, but it dies in the Drafts folder of my Mars Edit application.

However, I did want to write some comments on the last two radio shows Gary and I have done for
Sports Radio New York.
We have been fortunate enough to have had some great guests, and I always find myself wanting to say a few things about the interviews Gary and I have done after the fact.

Of course, I first want to thank everyone again for coming on the show and taking the time to speak to us. A few weeks ago, we had former broadcaster and original Islander, Ed Westfall, and then one of the Islanders defensive prospects, Scott Mayfield. This passed weekend, it was Dan Petriw from
Hockey Buzz
and the local author, Greg Prato, returned as a repeat guest for us. Both shows were enjoyable to do, and we spoke about a lot of interesting topics. I’d like to address some of the subjects and information we did end up discussing.First off, in regard to Eddy Westfall, what a trip that was for me personally. As I told Jiggs McDonald when he was on our show, I am so grateful for the years of service Eddy provided as an Islander broadcaster. When you can’t see, the TV or radio broadcast act as your “eyes” for a game, and Eddy’s color commentary certainly painted the picture of so many games in addition to the play by play by Jiggs.

Hearing the stories from Eddy of the early days as an original Islander and the years prior to the Isles becoming Stanley Cup champions were interesting and entertaining. Particularly, the background behind him giving Kate Smith the flowers during the playoff series against the Flyers in 1975 was something I had read about, but hearing it from him directly was just fantastic. In case you missed the show, Eddy talked about how he became a broadcaster and, in turn, how Jiggs was hired as part of the broadcast team.

What was probably the most interesting additional thing Gary and I found to be awesome was one of Eddy’s business ventures he is currently involved with. If you want to know the details and really need something neat to buy for the sports fan friend or family member, or even yourself, check out
All Bobble Heads

Scott Mayfield definitely made a fan out of me. He was simply a great interview. He clearly has a good head on his shoulders and understands where he has been and what he needs to do to improve and earn his spot on the Islanders of the not so distant future. Like Matt Donovan, I think Scott Mayfield is one of the future six defenders that will patrol the blue line for the New York Islanders for years to come.

Besides having the size and toughness that I personally like on the back line, Scott has some offensive skills and is gaining confidence in knowing when to join the play. If you speak to people in the know, there is a lot of excitement around this guy. I have no doubts he will be ready to take his play on the “big club” next season. If you want to learn a bit about this highly talked about prospect, you can start by reading
Currently, he is rated 6th in current Islander prospects according to

There is nothing like talking Islander hockey with another person who writes about it. Dan Petriw’s posts on
Hockey Buzz
demonstrates the passion and knowledge that he has about the orange and blue, and it was great to discuss the current state of the team and the possible solutions for the future. Dan knows his stuff, and it was also great to hear his take on guys like Anders Lee and Anders Nilsson.

What point Dan made that is important for fans to keep in mind is that things are fixable. Despite all that has happened, provide ownership allows Garth Snow to sign the assets that are needed, the major holes in the lineup can be addressed and it will allow the talent they currently have to continue to develop. Of course, the, IF, is the big factor, and Dan also spoke about fan reactions and what we, as fans, can realistically do to voice our displeasure in a constructive way that might make true “noise”. We are all clearly frustrated and upset, but let us also not take that emotion out on the guys on the ice or do anything that is going to reflect on them, another point Dan made as well.

Some may recall Greg Prato being on the show to discuss his books on the New York Jets,
Sack Exchange: The Definitive Oral History of the 1980s New York Jets,
and the New York Islanders
Dynasty: The Oral History of the New York Islanders, 1972-1984.
Well, Greg is back again. This time, he wrote about the New York Yankees of the 1980’s and all of the colorful characters and drama from that period. His new book is called,
Just Out of Reach: The 1980s New York Yankees

We talked to Greg about his latest project and he gave us a lot of insight and information into the cast of characters that played for the Yankees during that time and other people who were around the organization. It is a book definitely worth the read, whether you are a Yankees fan or not. Even as a Mets fan, I found the book to be extremely entertaining and informative.. It’s simply another great job by Greg, a Long Island guy who deserves our support.

Please join Gary and I again when we return to the air on April 13. I’m sure we’ll have details as to who we’ll have on the next show before then.

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