Isles Defeat The Leafs for 2nd Straight

Apologies for being off the grid for a few days…

But two victories in a row, and five straight on the road, will get you a little more pumped for the days ahead.  12 goals in two games gives people a great deal to be excited about.

What is it about this team, that they play so well on the road… Is it us fans?

I certainly hope not.

Atta Boy, Okie!
Atta Boy, Okie!

Thoughts on the game:

1.  Congrats to Calvin deHaan on his first goal.  Some players first goals are laughers.  Yours may be up there (well – not for your effort, but for the lack of Mr. Bernier’s).  You can tell your grandkids, that is was a 100MPH blaster that the goalie had no shot of catching.

2. What can you say about JT?  He better not be the fourth line center on team Canada!

3.  Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Okposo on the birth of their baby girl.  Mazel Tov!

4.  All four lines were pretty strong last night.  Despite being down (again!), the guys worked hard all game, and showed that they can receive contributions from all of the guys.

5.  Maybe it is a goal like Grabby got last night that can get the ‘luck’ going for him.  I am sure that the Toronto netminder will not like the video meeting today.  Just close your eyes, Jonathan.

6.  Kevin Poulin played a good game.  He is not a world beater by any stretch of the imagination, but with games like this build confidence.  Is he going to be the number 1 man for the future?  The cards are not on the table yet.  However, he seems to be adjusting much better of late.  Nabby will be out for ONLY a week (surprised), so he only needs to be the man for a short while.  Let’s see how it goes.

7.  Does anyone realize that Thomas Vanek has been a +9, for his time on Long Island?  Yes – +9.  Sometimes these numbers can be more deceiving than factual, but looking at the rest of the team, +9 is a glaring sight.  Where are all the Moulson lovers now?

On a personal note.

The NEW YORK ISLANDERS BOOSTER CLUB will be having a meeting tonight at the Long Island Marriott Ampitheater at 7PM tonight.  The guests will be Ryan Strome and Calvin deHaan.  If you are not a member and wish to go, there is a $5 charge to attend the meeting.  However, if you decide to become a member tonight, that $5 will carry towards the membership $22 for the year for adults, $17 for teens and $12 for kids.

It is a great chance for folks to meet the guys, talk about their careers and what they like to do in their off time, and get an autograph or picture with them.  Let’s make the ‘rooks’ feel at home tonight.  See ya there.

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